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5 Things Every Splunk Customer Should Know About Data Storage 

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  • “ 
    Created by super-smart and successful co-founder, ClearSky Data is taking a page out of the playbook of Cambridge-based Akamai Technologies.”
    — Sara Castellanos, Technology Editor
    Boston Business Journal
  • “ 
    Before we started using the ClearSky service, we had required up to 48 hours of downtime to migrate customer workloads. With ClearSky, our migration time has shrunk to 15 minutes, and we’re saving our customers an average of 60 to 70 percent to deliver our service, as compared to using traditional physical storage arrays.”
    — Tim Vogel, Chief Technology Officer
  • “ 
    ClearSky Data simplifies our development lifecycle and adds agility to our storage processes – it changes storage from a daily task to a hands-free service offering.”
    — Ernesto DiGiambattista, Chief Technology Officer
    Sentinel Benefits & Financial Group
  • “ 
    We’ve entered the next generation of the enterprise and ClearSky has a great opportunity to build the next major infrastructure company.”
    — Dave Barrett, Managing Partner, Chief Technology Officer
    Polaris Partners
  • “ 
    Simplifying storage management is a critical objective for IT teams worldwide, and we are excited to add ClearSky’s managed service to our growing storage ecosystem. For customers looking to leverage the latest VMware software-defined storage solutions, such as VMware vSphere® Virtual Volumes™, services like ClearSky’s offer on-demand access to data with greater efficiency and ease of use.”
    — Charles Fan, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Storage Business Unit
  • “ 
    ClearSky’s global storage network is the way for enterprises to move their data to the cloud—with the security, performance and availability they need to succeed. At Akamai, we know firsthand how to build a global network that meets the stringent requirements of enterprise customers, and we look forward to working with the ClearSky team to help customers worldwide as they adopt this new approach to enterprise storage.”
    — Andy Champagne, Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, Akamai Labs
  • “ 
    ClearSky is the first company to truly live up to the storage service provider dream – offering true primary, transactional-level storage services with all the benefits of cloud economics and management. It’s been a long time coming.”
    — Steve Duplessie, Founder and Senior Analyst
    Enterprise Strategy Group
  • “ 
    Users in the Wikibon community require solutions that simplify data lifecycle management. ClearSky gets to the heart of a critical issue in today’s hybrid cloud environment — latency and data access for enterprise applications that can be running anywhere. The ClearSky service is a dramatically different approach to storage management, enabling enterprises to get the benefits of high performance and predictable latency without all the complexity and cost of a traditional solution.”
    — Stu Miniman, Principal Research Contributor
  • “ 
    The ClearSky Global Storage Network is the first viable platform we’ve seen for primary storage as a service. The Global Storage Network leverages the widespread deployment of low-latency gigabit metro Ethernet and low-cost flash memory to provide the performance primary applications demand and RPO-zero data protection, all for a single flat, capacity-based fee.”
    — Howard Marks, Founder & Chief Scientist